In the Arctic for Inuit Nationbuilding: Can Greenland Escape the Resource Curse
When: Tuesday, March 19 2013, 4:00pm - 5:30pm
Where: 041 Haldeman Center, Dartmouth College
Contact : Dickey Center 603-646-2023


Tove Sovndahl Pedersen, UArctic Board Member, Greenland Representative to Denmark

Nuuk, Greenland
In 2009 Greenland was able to expand her autonomic powers further with a new law on Self-Government for Greenland. The law of the Kingdom of Denmark affirms that the people of Greenland has the right of self-determination as defined in International Law and does also grant Greenland the de facto rights of mineral and carbon resources. Aspirations for political and economic independence from Denmark coupled with the obligations for securing welfare and livelihoods at Nordic levels are driving Greenland to diversify her economy by the exploitation of her natural wealth of non-living resources.


Sponsored by the Institute of Arctic Studies at the Dickey Center and IGERT Dialogues in Polar Science, Engineering and Society Seminar Series.


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