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Watch live online on the day of the event. Afterwards, view the archived presentation on the Dartmouth YouTube Channel.


None currently scheduled.


dickey_web3/28/14, Three Mile Island 35th Anniversary: Past, Present, and Future of Nuclear Energy.   Watch the archived presentation.

dickey_web2/3/14, General Carter Ham, retired head of US African Command, "A Life in the Military." Watch the archived presentation

dickey_web2/4/14, General Carter Ham, retired head of US African Command, "From the Front Line to the Home Front: American Troops and the Challenge of Post-service Reintegration." Watch the archived presentation.

dickey_web1/30/14, General Carter Ham, retired head of US African Command, and Johnnie Carson, former Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, "Africa in Transition: American Policymakers Discuss Politics, Security and Economics in Africa." Watch the archived presentation.

dickey_web1/22/14, Carol Graham, "The Pursuit of Happiness." Watch the archived presentation.

dickey_web1/15/14, Frederic Wehrey, "Sectarian Politics in the Gulf: From the Iraq War to the Arab Uprising." Watch the archived presentation.   

dickey_web11/12/13, Former Prime Minster of the State of Israel, Ehud Olmert. "Israel, the Search for Peace and the Arab Spring."
Watch the archived presentation.

dickey_web10/29/13, Stefansson Memorial Lecture, Thomas McGovern, CUNY, "Sustainability and Collapse in the Norse North Atlantic: Implications for Climate Adaptation Today." Watch the archived presentation.

dickey_web10/28/13, Marc Lynch, Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at George Washington University. "After the Arab Uprising."   Watch the archived presentation.

dickey_web10/17/13, Steve Coll, New Yorker Staff Writer and Dean of the Graduate School of Journalism, Columbia University. "A Conversation with Steve Coll." Watch the archived presentation.

dickey_web9/25/13, General James Mattis, Retired Commander, US Central Command, "In the Midst of the Storm: A US Commander's View of the Changing Middle East." Watch the archived presentation.


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