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12/15/09 Michael Dorsey on Reducing Carbon Emissions. View online at COP15.

11/3/09 Mt. Kilimanjaro Ice Cap Continues Rapid Retreat. The New York Times

9/11/09 Arctic Shortcut Beckons Shippers as Ice Thaws. The New York Times.

9/11/09 Educating the Whole Scientist - an interview with IGERT faculty and a student. The Polar Field Services Newsletter.

7/16/09 Arctic Can Benefit from the Recession. Canadian Broadcasting Center News.

7/15/09 Government releases spy satelitte images of arctic ice. USA Today.

6/24/09 Dickey Center and Carnegie release Arctic Environmental Security Report.

6/2/09 Dickey Center Arctic Fellow Jill Mikucki, PhD, discovers ancient microbes under the ice in Antarctica.

5/14/09 NSF Releases Comprehensive Report on Global Impacts of Climate Change. Double climate research in 2010.

4/21/09 Policy Pathways Toward Improved Governance of a Warming Arctic. Dickey Center Director Kenneth Yalowtiz participated in the German Marshall Fund of the US seminar on transatlantic issues of governance surrounding the Arctic.

2/20/09 Michael Dorsey, Dartmouth professor of environmental studies, receives Ford Foundation grant to examine climate justice.

2/8/09 Polar Palooza , NYC, Feb. 8-11, 2009. Watch videos about the Arctic region.

1/21/09 Satellites Confirm Half-Century of West Antarctic Warming, NASA .

1/9/09 Arctic Regional Policy, Presidential Directive NPFD-66/HSPD-25. New U.S. policy regarding Arctic region and implementation actions.

3/28/07 Kenneth Yalowitz and Ross Virginia discuss northen issues at the Arctic Science Summit Week 2007, UArctic.



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