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IGERT Fellows Are Interviewed on Greenlandic Radio

Researchers rarely that the opporunity to speak with the general Greenlandic population about the climate change research taking in their country. That changed when Dartmouth IGERT graduate students in polar environmental had the rare opportunity to talk with Kalaallit Nunaata Radio (Radio Greenland) about their work in Greenland.

Click the play button below and here the actual interview.  Note: The interview is in Greenlandic and English.  It starts out in Greenlandic.

The IGERT fellows and faculty had the rare opportunity to be interviewed by Henriette Rasmussen of Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa (Radio Greenland).

Even though Greenland is ground zero for dramatic changes due to rising temperatures, and people are having to adapt their lifestyles to accommodate the changes, the communication gap between Greenlanders and researcher can be huge. KNR rogram host Henrietta Rasmussen interviewed IGERT students and faculty in Nuuk, the capital, during their 5-week field seminar in Greenland during the summer of 2010.

KNR delivers news to the whole of Greenland in both Greenlandic and Danish. Domestic production in both the cultural and youth departments of Radio and TV mainly produce material in Greenlandic. The interview was broadcast in Greenland on January 29, 2011, in primetime. Ulf Fleishcer, a poet and musician, provided translation.

Rasmussen, a journalist with a regular radio program on KNR, was an early supporter of IGERT and its goal of collaborating with Greenlanders.  She was instrumental in IGERT's development while she was in the Greenland Home Rule Parliament as Minister of Culture, Education, Science and Ecclesiastical Affairs. "The program is both very informative, inspiring and I found out that science is very 
very poetic, at the least in Greenlandic," she said about the radio interview.

A second group of IGERT graduate students are returning to Greenland this summer to continue the conversation.

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