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Dickey_Kick-Off-047What internship-specific resources does the Dickey Center offer?
  • $4,000 grants for leave-term internships abroad.
  • The DarDar internship working with our partner clinic/hospital (and youth) in Tanzania.  
  • The Lombard Fellowship; a post-graduation fellowship of up to $15,000 for a 6-12 month public service project.
Which campus Center is most appropriate for my funding request?
  • The Dickey Center funds internships that have an international focus and are strongly correlated with a student’s academic interests and future career goals.
  • Other Centers on campus (i.e. Rocky, Tucker, Career Services, ISTS, etc. ) also have funding options; you should check with their funding requirements to see where your internship fits best.  
Can I get funding from other sources?
  • If offered funding from more than one Center, you must choose only 1 funding stream.  These campus organizations communicate with each other before they finalize who they give their funding to; students cannot receive more than 1 grant for the same project.
  • You CAN apply for additional funding from the Financial Aid office (if you receive Dartmouth scholarships)—both the Fund for Educational Enrichment AND Leave-term earnings waivers are available and can be combined with internship funding from other Centers.
  • The internships must also be unpaid; you can receive a small stipend for living but cannot receive a salary.
How many times can I get funding?
  • You can only receive one of each of Dickey’s grants (i.e. 1 international internship, 1 DarDar internship, 1 Lombard fellowship etc..).


How do I find an internship?
Start by thinking about your interests and what region of the world is most appealing to you.  Look back on classes you have taken at Dartmouth and find ways to build off these experiences.
  • Come and look through the binders in the Loo lounge to see what kind of things students have done in the past.  If something sounds interesting to you blitz that person and set up a time to talk further.  
  • Visit Careers Services to talk about options and to search the student internship database.
  • Look at; lots of organizations will post available internships and volunteer positions on this site. Use this to get a sense of what organizations are out there and what opportunities exist in your area of interest.
  • Be creative!  Talk to your professors.  Contact organizations/businesses you’ve read about or seen in the media.  Network with people you know working in a field that interests you.   Try to alumni network through Dartboard, etc….
How can I tell if an internship is legit?
  1. Try talking to other people who have worked for the organization in the past.
  2. If you can, however, try to avoid set internship programs where you pay a fee.  While many of these programs offer wonderful experiences, a lot can be learned through organizing an internship yourself.  Also, when you organize your own experience you can create it to fit your personal interests and goals, which will likely make you more invested in the work you do.
Does my internship have to be abroad?
  • The vast majority of Dickey Internships take place in an international location.  That said, on RARE occasion, funding has been extended for a US-based internship with a strong international focus and within an international community (i.e. working with refugees, or working for a particular country at the UN).
Does the Dickey Center offer set internship programs?
  • Currently, the only established internship placement through the Dickey Center is the DarDar internship working with Dartmouth’s health clinic in Dar Salam, Tanzania.  This has a separate application from the internship funding and is typically due the week before the internship funding deadline.
How many people get funding?
  • It depends from term to term; summer and winter terms are obviously more competitive because more students are “off.”  On average about 40% of applicants are funded.  
How long does the internship have to be?
  • Minimum of 8 weeks.
What if I am an international student and want to do an internship in my home country?
  • Dickey will not fund international students to return to their own country because the goal of the Dickey internship is to encourage cross-cultural experience.  That being said, international students are encouraged to explore an internship in a culture and or region that is not their own.
What if my country is on the US State Department Warning List?
  • If your country of interest is on the US State Department Warning list you will need a travel waiver.  Please contact Laura Hercod: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  AND Kerry Laufer: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  in the Provost office.
  • If you do not know if your country is on the list.  Check it out on the US State Deparment website.
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What do I emphasize in my funding essay?

  • Why you, why this, why now! Help us understand your skill set, academic and co-curricular background and how all this connects to this particular internship opportunity.
  • Try to elaborate on past experiences you have had and classes you have taken, and then try to link those to your future career and personal goals.
  • Explain why it is important that you travel to this particular region and also why it is important that you have this experience now at this specific time in your life.
Do I have to budget all $4,000? (or $15,000 in the case of the Lombard)
  • No.  Budget as much money as you will need, $4,000 (or $15,000) is just the maximum you can receive.  Budgeting more or less money will not decrease or increase the likelihood your internship will get funded.  BUT, be realistic about your costs and try not to over or underestimate.
What sort of visa do I apply for?
  • Usually students just use a tourist visa; however, it is always best to check with the embassy of the country to which you are traveling.

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