War and Peace Fellows

The year-long War and Peace Studies Fellows Program brings students together from across the sciences, social sciences and humanities engage in an ongoing discussion of the social, political, moral and technological dimensions of international conflict and cooperation. 

Fellows spoke with officials at the Department of Depense in Washington, DC, in 2014.

Fellows visited the Newseum and other landmark locations in Washington, DC, in 2012.

Program Activities

Each year the War and Peace Fellows help organize a series of events on campus, including presentations by internationally renowned experts, films on topics related to war and peace, and discussions with Dartmouth faculty. They also attend small group events with speakers and learn about the wide range of career paths available for young people considering working on these issues. Fellows are expected to participate in scheduled events in at least two of the three terms (fall, winter, spring). 

The year culminates with an extraordinary weekend in Washington, DC, led by Professor Ben Valentino, War & Peace Studies Coordinator. Participants meet with policy makers, military officers, think-tank researchers, activists and NGO officials—including many Dartmouth alums—working on issues of war and peace. Students have access to high-level policy makers in the Senate, Pentagon and State Department who are shaping the approach to issues including human rights, terrorism, military policy and the environment. 


The War and Peace Studies Program invites applications from prospective Fellows each Spring. Ordinarily, Fellows must be enrolled at Dartmouth during two of the three terms of participation, although applications from students who will be on campus in one off-term are considered. Fellows are initially appointed for a single year, but are typically reappointed for additional years. 

The 2014-2015 War and Peace Fellows have been selected. The application deadline for the 2015-2016 program will be announced in the fall. Please direct questions about the Fellows program to Casey Aldrich at the Dickey Center or Professor Ben Valentino in the Government Department.


The application deadline for the 2015-2016 program will be announced soon.

Professor Ben Valentino, War & Peace Studies Coordinator

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