Kangerlussuaq Field School

JSEP students spend two weeks at the Kangerlussuaq Science Field School experiencing polar science first hand. 

Kangerlussuaq in the field

Students learn about erosional processes from Dartmouth graduate student Ruth Heindel (photo: Rikke Jørgensen).

Kangerlussuaq in the field

Students collect data about stream discharge (photo: Lynn Reed).

Jessica Trout-Haney explaining sea tomatoes

Dartmouth graduate student Jessica Trout-Haney talks to students about sea tomatoes.

students doing the carbon cycle dance

Students participate in a "carbon cycle dance" as a fun way to understand the energy balance of the planet. 

Students learn about and participate in polar science alongside researchers and educators at field stations located in the tundra region of Kangerlussuaq, in western Greenland. The Kangerlussuaq Science Support International facility is a hub for research in the area and a resource for showcasing international, collaborative science.

Participants in the Kangerlussuaq Science Field School live in dormitory-style housing and share in cooking and cleaning responsibilities. The Field School is led by Greenland and supported by the government, and assisted by Dartmouth faculty and graduate students with experience in Greenland.

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