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Mar 10, 2014

The Dickey Center has had ongoing contacts and programs with Kosovo, including a visit by Ferid Agani, the Kosovo Minister of Health in 2013.

The Dickey Center is a Dartmouth partner with three other universities in a USAID-funded project to train a new generation of Kosovar leaders to drive significant change in economic, political, and social areas.

The five-year, $30 million grant is administered through World Learning, an international nonprofit organization that supports education, exchange, and development programs in more than 60 countries.

“Dartmouth is one of...

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Mar 1, 2014
Ali Giese in Russia

A Week as an Arctic Council Delegate in Arkhangelsk, Russia (reprinted from ARCUS)

by Ali Giese, PhD Candidate, Earth Sciences

During the last week of February 2014, I had the privilege of representing the United States and Dartmouth College at the 2014 Model Arctic Council, a role-playing program with the same goals as the better-known Model UN: to expose students to high-level policy negotiations through experience and participation. The Model Arctic Council was held...

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Feb 10, 2014
Daniel Benjamin

February 6, 2014

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s vow to “do whatever it takes” to protect the Sochi Olympic Games is apparently backed up by a formidable array of security measures, but Russia’s track record in dealing with terrorists has not always been inspiring, says Daniel Benjamin, a former top counterterrorism official at the U.S. State Department and Director of the Dickey Center for International Understanding.


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Feb 4, 2014

January 30, 2014

General Carter Ham

Retired General Carter Ham, who rose through the ranks from enlisted man to a four-star general leading the U.S. Africa Command during a time of rapidly shifting strategic challenges, has begun a two-week residency at Dartmouth’s Dickey Center for International Understanding.

“I found him to be an extraordinarily broad-minded and thoughtful military leader,” says Benjamin. “He’s really had a remarkable career, and he has this unique perspective, coming from the enlisted ranks. He’s seen a tremendous amount of change in the military...

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Jan 22, 2014
Greenland research

January 22, 2014

An Inside Higher Ed article quotes Ross Virginia, the Myers Professor of Environmental Science and director of the Institute of Arctic Studies at the Dickey Center, on the mission of the University of the Arctic (UArctic)—a consortium of 150 colleges, universities, and research organizations across the globe that aims to "increase access to Arctic-themed educational programs by increasing mobility and capacity both."

Virginia co-directs the UArctic's ...

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Jan 13, 2014

January 9, 2014 - Dartmouth Now

Institute of Arctic Studies Director Ross Virginia comments on the appearance of the Northern Lights in the Upper Valley as well as Greenland, where IGERT students spend part of the summer:

Dartmouth faculty and students are a...

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Jan 8, 2014

Dartmouth Now, January 8, 2014

Does last year's Boston Marathon bombing change how we think about contemporary terrorism? The relatively small scale of the attack, the brothers' lack of connection to traditional terrorist organizations, and their failure to capitalize on the destruction may blur the line between terrorism and other mass killings.

Writing in the January 8, 2014, issue of the Boston Globe, Dickey Center Director Daniel Benjamin writes, "Terrorism is not a...

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Jan 8, 2014
middle east map

January 6, 2014

Dickey Center Director Daniel Benjamin and Steven Simon, senior director for the Middle East and North Africa at the United States National Security Council, have co-authored an op-ed in The New York Times warning that repression of Islamist in Egypt, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood, could encourage radicalization in the region.

"The turn against the Brothers is a fateful error. Repression coupled with political exclusion has long been understood to drive radicalization, and the great hope of the Arab Spring was that the passing of the authoritarian...

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Jan 6, 2014

January 7, 2014

Two Dickey Center IGERT Fellows are featured in an article in Nature about science communication and Dartmouth's partnership with Stony Brook University’s Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science. The center will work with Dartmouth faculty, undergraduates, and graduate students on improving their skills in communicating their research, in part through the use of improvisation.

A handful of IGERT fellows took part in the training. Two graduate students in ecology and evolutionary biology, Jessica Trout-Haney and Christine Urbanowitz, describe how the...

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Dec 4, 2013

December 4, 2013

Joseph Singh ’14, of Toronto, Ontario, has been named a 2014 Rhodes Scholar, the oldest and most prestigious postgraduate academic award for international study. The Rhodes Scholarship pays all expenses for a graduate program at the University of Oxfordin England.

Singh has been deeply involved with Dickey Center programs since his first term on campus, when he was selected to participate in the year-long Great Issues Scholars program. Last summer he won a Dickey Center Class...

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