Lombard Public Service Fellowship


Read the Lombard Fellowship Blog and find out about their experiences in public service worldwide.

For nearly 25 years, alumni have put the liberal arts education they received at Dartmouth to good use in a range of Lombard Fellowship projects around the world. The Lombard Fellowship supports graduating seniors and recent graduates of Dartmouth, including the professional schools, in public service projects in the U.S. and globally.


The Dickey Center, together with the Dartmouth Center for Service, administers the Richard D. Lombard '53 Public Service Fellowship program. Every year up to a dozen Lombard Fellows match their interests and skills with partners across the globe to create a 6-12 month project that tackles local need and benefits the public good.

Graduating seniors and first-year alumni can receive up to $20,000 for 6-month (minimum) to one year (maximum) service projects in the U.S. or abroad. Project criteria include:

  • Provides the opportunity for you to contribute to the welfare, development and fulfillment of other human beings.
  • Agencies or communities in which you work must be non-profit, non-denominational, and politically non-partisan. Fellows may not function as lobbyists.
  • Placement should involve 30-40 hours of work per week for 6-12 months.
  • Upon completion of the fellowship, you must submit a selection of pictures and a 5-8 page report. Occasionally Fellows are invited back to campus to share their experience with students.

Additional information is available under Global Engagement.


Applicants should apply well prior to their scheduled fellowship start date. Enrolled seniors can apply as early as February with a departure date anytime before the following February. Applications are reviewed once a year and recipients are notified of their status within six weeks of the application deadline.

The application form can be found HERE.  Applications will be considered INCOMPLETE without all items listed below:

Items to Submit with Your Online Application:

You will be required to submit a budget, written proposal, resume/CV, and transcript with your application. These will be included directly into the application linked above. 

Budget (application will prompt for the following):

  • Travel, visa, housing, food, supplies, and miscellaneous other expenses related to the fellowship.

Written Proposal (3-5 page, double-space narrative) that includes:

  • Clear and complete information about the agency or community you have selected, the goals of the group, and how your service fits into the group's mission and goals. Be specific about your assignment and the tasks you will perform.

  • A description of the mission of the agency where you will complete your fellowship and a description of your role in the agency's work.

  • Your qualifications to fulfill the responsibilities and requirements of your work.

  • Your academic, career, and/or personal goals and how you hope the fellowship relates.

Resume or CV

  • Please submit a current resume or CV.


  • Request an electronic unofficial transcript from the registrar (pdf format) for upload with your application.

Supervisor Statement

  • Applicants must ask their host organizations to complete the Supervisor Statement (see form link below), which verifies your offer of a fellowship and includes a description of the work to be completed.

Letter(s) of Recommendation

  • Submit two letters of recommendation.
    • One recommendation must come from a Dartmouth faculty member.
    • A second recommendation can come from previous employers, advisors, staff, or an additional faculty member.

*Please note this process has been updated. Requests for recommendations and supervisor statements are made directly through the application link.  Please begin your application and use the links provided to invite recommenders to complete an online form.

If you have questions or concerns please contact us at [email protected]

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