Arctic & the Environment

Greenland, JSEP 2018

Dartmouth researchers study Greenland’s massive ice sheet in Kangerlussuaq.

Greenland, JSEP 2018

Students collect data in the field in Greenland.

Greenland, JSEP 2018

Students from Denmark, Greenland and the US spend two weeks in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland.


The Institute of Arctic Studies (IAS) at the Dickey Center is Dartmouth's crossroads for interdisciplinary research, discussion, and education on global climate change and Arctic policy issues. We support courses that delve into the challenges facing the Earth due to rapid environmental change.

Our Work

Our work encompasses research in Greenland, undergraduate and graduate courses, research fellowships, science communication and outreach activities, and a network of national and international partnerships.


The Institute of Arctic Studies offers programs that expand the understanding of polar science by engaging with secondary students and teachers.

Funding Opportunities

The Dickey Center supports internships and other funding for environmental projects abroad and in the U.S. Learn about all the opportunities.

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