Our Work

Our work at The Institute of Arctic Studies encompasses research in Greenland, undergraduate and graduate courses, research fellowships, science communication and outreach activities, and a network of national and international partnerships. Following a major National Science Foundation IGERT grant awarded to the Institute of Arctic Studies in 2008, we continue to expand our support for work in the polar sciences, engineering, and the human dimensions of environmental change. 


Students and faculty affiliated with the Institute of Arctic Studies are involved in research that has serious implications for Greenland and the circumpolar north, and Antarctica. 

Arctic, Polar & Related Courses

We support three Arctic Studies courses that look at polar regions and the science & policy of rapid environmental change. 

National & International Partners

We work with many national and international organizations on scientific research, policy development, conferences and workshops, and environmental network development. We also support Dartmouth student and faculty exchanges with partner institutions. 

Student Organizations

The Dartmouth Student Council on Climate Change (DC3) is a student organization that focuses on current international issues related to climate change. They initiate projects to increase awareness of these issues within the Dartmouth community.

The John Sloan Dickey Center