Internships & Fellowships

The John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding provides several internships and a fellowship related to the Arctic and Environment. 

US-Canada Remote Internships

For Summer 2020 Term: Preliminary applications due May 18, final decisions by May 29. Please click on each opportunity to learn more.

  • Dartmouth-McGill Arctic Research - For undergraduates interested in Arctic science but unsure which field you find the most interesting. Learn more about the internship here

  • Future Earth Sustainability - Future Earth works around the world to connect scholars, researchers, and innovators in support of a more sustainable planet. Learn more about the internship here.  
  • Inuit Art Exhibit Research To further explore and develop an opportunity with McGill University for the Dickey Center to host and display pieces from the prestigious Inuit art exhibit for the Dartmouth community. Learn more about the internship here.

What are the specific project details for each of US-Canada opportunity?

As these are new opportunities, developed quickly given the new remote circumstances for Summer 2020, we do not yet know all of the specific project details as some may depend upon the skills of the intern(s) chosen during the application process. We know this makes it more challenging to apply, but hope you will apply knowing that these are excellent partners and that the scope of projects proposed by these partners for Summer 2020 are both highly engaging and extremely valuable to the host. They are extremely eager to work with Dartmouth students.

What is the time commitment for a Summer 2020 US-Canada remote internship?

The Dickey Center expects all remote internships be a significant focus of your Summer 2020 Leave Term. While these remote opportunities are, again, quite new, we expect that the scope of final projects developed with the host will be your priority for engagement over 8-10 weeks of the remote internship.

Please contact Dickey Center Associate Director, Dr. Melody Brown Burkins [email protected], or Dickey Center Program Coordinator, Natalie Stephenson [email protected] with questions.

Arctic Research Fellowship

  • Stefansson Fellowship - Due to COVID-19, we are currently not accepting Stefansson Fellowship applications. Please report back to this page for updates. We will continue this opportunity when we can safely send students abroad. In the meantime, please learn more about the Stefansson Fellowship here.

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