Since 2014, U.S. students have participated in annual JASE expeditions in conjunction with the Chilean Antarctic Institute’s Expedición Antártica Escolar (EAE), a program that has been running for over 10 years to promote awareness and appreciation of Antarctica in young Chileans.

JASE students jumping

The Joint Antarctic School Expedition builds relationships between future generations of scientists from Chile and the US.

Students participate in a number of activities, including tours of international science facilities, studies of animal behavior at Elefanteras beach and on the Ardley Peninsula, vegetation surveys at the margin of Collins Glacier, and a visit to Bellinghausen Dome for glaciological studies. The JASE/EAE program helps build relationships between future generations of scientists from both countries while developing the participants’ awareness of global scientific issues.

Travel, accommodations, and meals are provided to participants. Students must provide regular clothing, including a sturdy pair of hiking boots/shoes. Extreme cold weather outerwear is supplied by the program during travel to King George Island. Students must have fluency in the Spanish language because all instruction is in Spanish.

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