Chase Peace Prize

2014 Chase Prize Winner Louis Wheatley

Chase Prize winner Louis Wheatley participates in a panel discussion on his thesis, "Matriotism: American Motherhood in Protest Against WWII, the Vietnam War, and the Iraq War."

The Chase Peace Prize was established at Dartmouth College by Edward M. Chase, a native of Lithuania who emigrated to the United States, settling in Manchester, New Hampshire, until his death, in 1939. A philanthropist of many causes, Mr. Chase established the Peace Prize in order to encourage careful reflection on the causes of war and the prospects for peace in the world. 


The Chase Peace Prize is awarded to the best senior thesis or culminating project that treats the subject of war, conflict resolution, the prospects and problems of maintaining peace, or other related topics. The thesis or culminating project may fall within any of the divisions of the College. Successful topics might be:

  • An analysis of the representation of war in art, literature, or music
  • A historical or contemporary case study of a particular conflict
  • The analysis of international institutions and their influence on peace promotion
  • A philosophical or ethical analysis of war, either in general or in a specific case
  • The study of the environmental causes and consequences of conflict 
  • A scientific study of weaponry and the impact of technological change on arms races

Submissions may be in any format or of any length and may be made by the student or by a faculty member.

The first place winner will be awarded $2,000. Winners will be selected at the end of summer term following submission. 


The deadline for the 2020 Chase Peace Prize is June 15 by 5pm. The application must include the following to be submitted in PDF format to the War and Peace Program Manager

  • Your senior thesis or culminating project
  • A paragraph describing your submission and how it relates to the theme of war and peace


Monday, June 15, 2020 - 5:00pm
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The John Sloan Dickey Center