Joint Antarctic School Expedition (JASE) Participants

The Joint Antarctic School Expedition (JASE) is a program co-sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the Chilean Antarctic Institute, a major research base supported by the government of Chile. They have generously invited U.S. high school students to join a team of high school students from Chile for a week of hands-on learning at Escudero Station on King George Island, Antarctica.

The following U.S. students have participated in JASE:

JASE 2016-17:  December 2016

  • Cristopher Alvarado, Charlotte, NC

"I wanted to participate in the JASE program because I have a fascination for traveling to new places, especially those of extreme conditions, and learning about new cultures. In addition, I'm excited to use my Spanish for the first time in a professional and scientific manner. I enjoy listening to music, playing the French Horn, dabbling with photography, reading, and watching the Carolina Panthers and Mexican soccer team play on TV. An interesting fact about me is that I make my own instrumental music on Logic Pro. I have also written a couple of songs, one of which was in Spanish and remains my best to date."

  • Lucia Hruby, Austin, TX

"I love seeking out adventure and I can't wait to explore Antarctica. I am also excited to meet a lot of new friends during my trip. I was born and raised in Texas, so as you can imagine, I am a little worried about the cold weather. I really like chickens! My obsession developed in my sixth grade science class, when we hatched a dozen eggs. I was lucky enough to bring home a chick and soon after, I convinced my family to buy six more chickens. My sisters and I fell in love with our chickens and enjoyed walking them around the neighborhood and collecting their eggs. A few years later, we began to receive complaints from my neighbor about all the noise that they made and had to give them away." Read an article in the Austin Statesman about Lucia!

  • Audrey Reyes, Queens, NY

"I am interested in JASE because I love to travel and broaden my mind with the experience of connecting with others from around the world through the medium of science. I also am very much interested in some experience with scientific research and trying out new things. I enjoy rowing, snowboarding, surfing, and longboarding, as well as eating yummy food! One interesting thing about me is I've managed my family's restaurant on my own and even though working in the food industry is tough, listening to customer's life stories and seeing them satisfied is gratifying."​

  • Annika Salmi, San Francisco, CA

"I am interested in participating in JASE because I love studying the world around me. I am also excited to spend time with Chilean students and experience new cultures. I enjoy learning, reading, drawing, skiing, and spending time with my friends. Something interesting about me is that I once painted all the planets."

JASE 2015-16:  January 2016

  • Daniela Montes Flores, San Diego, CA
  • Alex Kleinman, Croton-on-Hudson, NY
  • Madeline Moore, Boulder, CO
  • Andrea Mares, Sterling, VA


Cristopher Alvarado


Lucia Hruby


Lucia Hruby




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