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The "Week of the Arctic" featured the Arctic Council Ministerial, a daylong Association of International Education Administrators workshop sponsored by Dartmouth and UAF, and announcement of the Fulbright Arctic Initiative II.

Diana Wall Ross Virginia

Professor Ross Virginia reflects on the end of a 27-year research project in Antarctica. "What kept me going back and forth to Antarctica for all these years is that the sense of discovery in your science is very high there."

Seely Exhibit of leopard

Studio Art Professor Christina Seely's exhibit "Next of Kin: Seeing Extinction Through the Artist's Lens," on species extinction, is at the Harvard Museum of Natural History through June 6, 2017.

O.G.A. for Aid -- Goldstein Internship

The Goldstein Internship encourages Dartmouth students with an interest in Japan to further their studies by putting their classroom learning into real-world practice.

research rink

Listen to Elizabeth Rink, an expert in community-based participatory research in indigenous communities from Montana State University, talk about reproductive health in Greenland. 

The John Sloan Dickey Center