Security & Development in Kosovo

Interested in peacebuilding, post-conflict transformation, and human development?  Consider a summer internship in Kosovo!

Summer 2020 Program

The Dickey Center supports summer internships (June-August) with Kosovar government agencies and civil society organizations that focus on public policy, economic development, and capacity building. Funding is available to cover airfare, lodging, and meals. Internships are open to students of at any level of study. Preference is given to Dartmouth students returning for at least one term, though ALL students are eligible to apply (first years and graduate students welcome to apply). The Dickey Center has a number of partners focused on economic development (particularly integration into the EU) and post-conflict reconstruction with whom interns can work, including:

--KosovaLive prootes media as a means of education, dialogue and equality. KosovaLive works to ensure that the common Kosovar is served unbiased, straight-forward news; encourages research, with the intention of enriching the common knowledge pool about Kosovo; and hosts events that have a focus in developing critical thinking abilities among the common Kosovar.

--Kosova Women's Network advocates on behalf of Kosovar women from all ethnic groups through five programs: capacity building; women in politics and decision-making; women’s health; domestic violence and trafficking; women’s economic empowerment

--The Ideas Partnership tackles education, cultural heritage and environmental challenges in Kosovo and the region, without political or religious affiliation.

--and others depending on your interests and skills!!


To apply for these internships, a complete application must be received by April 29, 2020. Applications will be considered INCOMPLETE without all items listed below:

Items to Submit with Your Online Application

  • Transcript
  • Resume
  • Letter(s) of Recommendation
    • Submit one letter of recommendation from a Dartmouth faculty member. A second letter of recommendation is suggested, but not required.  Secondary letters of recommendation can come from previous employers, advisors, staff or an additional faculty member. Requests for letters of recommendation are made directly through the application link.  Please begin your application and use the links provided to solicit letters from recommenders.


Previous Dickey Center Initiatives in Kosovo

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