Alumni Engagement

Alumni have been putting into practice the liberal arts education they received at Dartmouth. There are many ways that alumni can contribute to the mission of the Dickey Center and take an active role in supporting international perspectives for Dartmouth students.

GIS simulation

During Winter 2015, Charles Tseckares '57 and other alumni worked with 50 students on an energy simulation, which was funded through the Class of '57 Great Issues Innovation Fund.

careers panel

Alumni share their career experience in international affairs with student during our Career Panels. 

Class Gifts

Alumni can contribute directly to students through the Dickey Center by creating a Class Gift, something the class as a whole contributes to and supports. The Class of '57 created the Great Issues Innovation Fund, which recently funded a global energy simulation for students. 

Career Opportunities

Dartmouth alumni working in particular professions are generous participants in our year-long series of Career Panels for students interested in pursuing careers in international affairs, including government, NGOs, non-profits, and international business. Our aim is to help students understand the variety of options open to them as they seek to bridge their academic interests with international career opportunities.

Alumni working internationally also act as informal mentors to students wanting to learn more about career opportunities abroad or with organizations or businesses that have an interntional perspective, whether by working in a formal governmental setting or with a nonprofit service organization. The guidance alumni have offered has been invaluable to students. 

Research Presentations

Some of our alumni are now doing research in science, engineering and other fields, and they return to campus to share their work with the Dartmouth community. These talks provide a unique opportunity for students to learn about cutting edge research from highly-regarded scholars in an atmosphere that offers alumni and students alike the chance to connect.

Students and student organizations are always interested in connecting with alumni to learn more about their areas of expertise. 


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