Conferences & Initiatives

Throughout the year, the Dickey Center hosts conferences, workshops, and special initiatives that bring nationally and internationally-recognized experts and programs to Dartmouth. These programs provide insight into specific topical areas and enable the larger campus community to experience, first-hand, a wide range of current issues and the challenges associated with them. The Dickey Center has sponsored, or co-sponsored, workshops focused on early warnings to help prevent genocide (with the Holocaust Museum and Neukom Institute); the Arctic (with the Carnegie Endowment); Israeli entrepreneurship and others. 

Young African Leaders Initiative

Along with other campus partners, the Dickey Center hosted 25 Mandela Washington Fellows from 19 Sub-Saharan African countries. These fellowships are the centerpiece of President Obama's Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI). 
YALI Opening Reception

Three Mile Island 35th Anniversary Symposium: The Past, Present and Future of Nuclear Energy

On the 35th anniversary of the accident at Three Mile Island, the Dickey Center and partners hosted a one-day symposium to discuss "The Past, Present and Future of Nuclear Energy." 

Nuclear Energy Symposium

Nepal Earthquake Summit

In 2016 Leila and Melville Straus 1960 Family Symposium addressed issues arising from the recent earthquake in Nepal. The summit featured experts from Nepal, Dartmouth and elsewhere, and a photo exhibit by Austin Lord '06, Athena Zelandonii, and Prasiit Sthapit. 

Nepal Earthquake2
The John Sloan Dickey Center