Research Fellowships


Undergraduate, graduate, and joint-degree students are eligible for various research opportunities in select locations. Chiquita Palha de Sousa '13 worked at a clinic in Haiti.

Sam Streeter at Denali

Stefansson Fellowships support student participation on faculty research in Arctic and high-latitude locations. Sam Streeter '13 worked with Professor Erich Osterberg in Denali National Park. 


Stefansson Fellowships also support student-designed research projects. Anna Gleizer '14 circumnavigated Russia's Lake Baikal and collected water samples to analyze the effects of climate change.

Research abroad is a great way to explore ­another part of the world while gaining important academic experience. The Dickey Center offers funding for a limited number of fellowships in the areas of health, the environment and human development.

Global Health Initiative

GHI offers internships and research opportunities at a wide range of international and domestic sites where students can apply their knowledge and skills to real world health challenges while exploring various career paths.

Human Development Fellowship

A 2-year paid research assistantship in economic and human development with a faculty mentor provides advanced analytical training and professional development opportunities. 

Stefansson Fellowship

The Institute of Arctic Studies can provide students with valuable field experience in an Arctic or high-latitude location. Students can design their own research projects or join faculty research projects in any field of study. 

The John Sloan Dickey Center