Global Health Fellows

The Global Health Fellows program brings together students from across Dartmouth in an ongoing exploration of global health issues.

Global Health Fellows 2020-21

Generation C: New Voices for a New Agenda for Health Equity 

The COVID-19 has cast into relief stark underlying inequities in health and the factors that shape it, both globally and in the US.  Many worry that the pandemic will displace health priorities and set back progress across a wide range of indicators; however, others express hope that it may revitalize longstanding efforts to address challenges and refocus attention on other threats to health, including climate change. Using the lens of health equity, we will situate the current pandemic within a broader global movement to advance health and well-being globally. 

Our 2020-21 programs will examine frameworks for health equity, discuss key health equity challenges highlighted by the pandemic, explore neglected challenges, issues, and populations; and debate the future of movements to advance health equity globally. Drawing on lessons and leaders from low and middle-income countries, Arctic Indigenous communities, as well as domestic settings, we will examine the ways that the pandemic might reshape a global architecture that has privileged both countries and voices from higher income countries.  Our 2020-21 program will engage our community of faculty, students, global health partners and others in a discussion of their own role in responding to the current pandemic response and future efforts to advance global health equity.

Program Description

Global Health Virtual Retreat - October 3, 12-5pm EST
Global Health Fellows will join other health equity groups across Dartmouth for our annual retreat. During this virtual retreat, Fellows will engage in workshops alongside Global Health faculty and other student groups at Dartmouth and will participate in other engaging activities intended to help Fellows think critically about global health equity issues. The fall retreat is a required component of the program.

Health Equity Series  - Tuesday evenings 
Each week, Fellows come together over dinner. Weekly sessions feature a range of speakers, from former experts at UNICEF to first responders in the Ebola crisis. Global Health Fellows build their skills and knowledge hearing from global health leaders, participating in skills sessions and learning from each other. 

Methods Workshops
Global Health Fellows will engage in methods seminars, with focuses from utilizing a rights-based approach to global health issues to global health advocacy. 
These workshops will bring together students in Global Health from across campus, allowing Fellows to connect with faculty and TDI and Geisel students during these workshops. 

Career Links 
GHF benefit from a network of support and access to a wide range of resources as they pursue field opportunities and internships, independent research projects, and other endeavors in global health. The program is designed to connect Fellows with potential opportunities that are brought to the Global Health Initiative, supporting Fellows to pursue internships and other programs outside of Dartmouth. 

Application Process

We seek a multidisciplinary group of fellows who are interested and passionate about global health and are eager to engage with their peers in discussions of health equity and human rights.

The 2020-21 GHF program is open to undergraduates, medical, MBA, and graduate students from all disciplinary backgrounds. Applicants must be able to attend a virtual retreat on October 3, participate in weekly Zoom programming, and engage in a project with other Fellows. Preference is given to candidates who have demonstrated interest in issues of health equity through academic coursework, co-curricular activities, and off term or work experiences. 

Participation in an international internship or program is not a prerequisite for selection for the program. 

Candidates may apply for the program here. The application period for the 2020-21 program is now closed.

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