Global Health Fellows

The Global Health Fellows program brings together students from across Dartmouth in an ongoing exploration of global health issues.

Program Activities

Global Health Fellows (GHF) build their skills and knowledge through a year-long series of workshops, dinner discussions, career development and skill-building sessions, peer exchanges, and newly to the program this year, group research projects. GHF benefit from a peer network of support and access to a wide range of resources as they pursue field opportunities and internships, independent research projects, and other endeavors in global health. Highlights from the program have included a training surrounding child nutrition with a former expert from UNICEF, dinner conversations with first responders in the Ebola crisis, workshops on Universal Health Care (UHC) with a senior Ministry of Health official, and tea-and-coffee dialogues with lawyers in the global health sphere. 

The 2018-19 Global Health Fellows Program will focus on today’s global health equity issues, which are influenced by widespread, systemic social and environmental determinants that can be found in every region of our planet. We will explore the knowledge and approaches to global health issues that can be exchanged between different regions of the globe to achieve better health equity. We will work to understand the common patterns that are beginning to manifest in every area of the globe within health issues, such as disrupted food systems, increased levels of environmental contaminants, damaged ecosystems, the erasure of indigenous cultures, increasing rates of non-communicable diseases, epidemics such as Ebola and Zika, and mental health crises. We will explore the ways in which these patterns stem from common determinants across the globe. Dartmouth College is also heavily engaged with global health work within the Arctic region, and for this reason, we will also be exploring the social determinants of health issues within the Arctic region and working to understand opportunities for learning between the Arctic and other regions. 



We seek a multidisciplinary group of fellows who are interested and passionate about global health and are eager to do work outside of the regular program meeting times on group projects that will enhance students’ understandings of the program theme.

The 2018-2019 GHF program is open to undergraduates, medical, MBA, and graduate students from all disciplinary backgrounds. Applicants must be able to attend a fall retreat planned for the first weekend of the fall undergraduate term (September 15-16th, 2018), a minimum of four sessions per term, and be willing to complete a group project. Preference is given to students who have demonstrated interest in global health equity through academic coursework, co-curricular activities, and off term or work experiences. Participation in a Dickey Center-funded international internship is not a prerequisite for selection for the program. 

Students interested in the Global Health Fellows are asked to submit an online application by 5 pm on Friday, May 11. 

The John Sloan Dickey Center