Current Fellows

The Human Development Fellowship program selects a group of Dartmouth’s top students to advance their technical skills and foster professional experiences for work in diverse fields of international development. The following students are currently Human Development Fellows.

Current Human Development Fellows


Meriem ‘21 was born and raised in Rabat, Morocco. At 16, she left her hometown to pursue a global education in United World College (UWC) in Norway. During her time there, she was the Co-President of Living Environment And Future, a sustainably-oriented and humanitarian NGO that designed and implemented a development project in Ghana. After graduating, Meriem decided to cross the Atlantic and to attend Dartmouth College. She is considering a double major in Economics and Quantitative Social Science. Meriem is interested in using research-based evidence and data to explore sustainability, female empowerment and poverty alleviation, especially in developing countries. During her freshman year, she was an Ecorep intern for Dartmouth’s Sustainability office, an Economics and Arabic tutor, a member of the Women Basketball Club, and a member of Ledyard Canoe Club. As a Fellow, Meriem will work as a Research Assistant for Prof. Ryan Edwards.


Arunav is from India, where he switches his time between the capital New Delhi and the old royal city of Jaipur. He hopes to complete a double major in English and Economics, two fields he enjoys talking at great length about. He is also highly invested in Studio Art. Aside from academics, his time at Dartmouth is mostly directed towards working as a writing tutor for RWIT, Pan Asian Community Student Coordinator for OPAL, and Research Scholar in the English department. During his first year, he was a Great Issues Scholar, which sparked his interest in exploring how majoritarianism influences economic policy in developing nations to the detriment of minorities and makes human development exclusive instead of inclusive. He is also interested in investigating the intersection of local culture and poverty and studying how signs of poverty are normalised and integrated into a community’s daily culture. 


Carolyne hails from Machakos, Kenya. She is pursuing a degree in Geography modified with African and African American Studies, with a possible minor in Computer Science. At Dartmouth, Carolyne is a Dickey Center Global Health Fellow, King Leadership Scholar, education fellow with the Office of Pluralism and Leadership, a Social Impact learning fellow and Undergraduate advisor. Previously she was a Rule of law Index Intern at the World Justice Project in Washington D.C and she is currently working on a project that seeks to promote access to legal justice in the rural/ marginalized areas in Kenya. She is also  currently working as a research assistant to Professor DJ Brooks on the Dickey Center Global Girls Forward Lab Team: Project on Menstrual Hygiene in the Developing World. She is also a first-generation Program mentor and the Dartmouth African Students Association.


Iris hails from the San Francisco Bay Area, California. She is a first-generation American and a second-generation immigrant, as her parents immigrated to the US from mainland China in the 1990s. At Dartmouth, Iris is studying Economics, Human-Centered Design, and Public Policy. Iris’ interest in developmental economics and human development stems from her family's immigrant background and her experiences last summer conducting anthropological research in remote Inuit communities in arctic Canada with the Smithsonian’s Arctic Studies Center. During her sophomore year, Iris conducted independent research under the mentorship of Professor Patricia Lopez studying the economic geographies of the Upper Valley and the impact of student service work on alleviating economic hardship. Iris was also a SEAD mentor this summer, and is highly passionate about issues of educational access and inequity. 

Meriem Fouad '21


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