Meet the people in Human Development:

Our Faculty


Kenneth M. Bauer

Program Manager, Human Development Initiative, Dickey Center; Program Manager, War & Peace Studies Program, Dickey Center
Eric V. Edmonds

Eric V. Edmonds

Professor of Economics

Our Affiliated Faculty

Lisa Adams

Lisa V. Adams

Global Health Initiative Coordinator, Dickey Center for International Understanding; Assistant Professor of Medicine and of Community and Family Medicine

Treb Allen

Associate Professor of Economics; Distinguished Associate Professor of Economics and Globalization

Lisa Baldez

Professor of Government, and of Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Studies; Cheheyl Professor and Director, Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning

John L. Campbell

Chair, Department of Sociology, Dartmouth College; The Class of 1925 Professorship, Dartmouth College

Michael Cox

Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies; Faculty member in Ecology, Evolution, Ecosystems & Society (EEES) PhD program

Sienna Radha Craig

Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology; Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Program
Taryn Dinkelman

Taryn Dinkelman

Assistant Professor of Economics
Susanne Freidberg

Susanne Freidberg

Professor of Geography; Chair, Department of Geography

Yusaku Horiuchi

Professor of Government; Mitsui Professor of Japanese Studies
Jeremy Horowitz

Jeremy Horowitz

Assistant Professor of Government
image of Chelsey Kivland

Chelsey L Kivland

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Theodore Levin

Arthur R. Virgin Professor of Music
tish lopez

Patricia Lopez

Assistant Professor; Assistant Professor of Geography
Abigail Neely

Abigail H. Neely

Assistant Professor of Geography

Paul Novosad

Assistant Professor of Economics

Laura A. Ogden

Associate Professor of Anthropology

Nina Pavcnik

Niehaus Family Professor in International Studies
Andrew A. Samwick

Andrew A. Samwick

Sandra L. and Arthur L. Irving '72a P'10 Professor of Economics; Director, Nelson A. Rockefeller Center for Public Policy and the Social Sciences

Christopher S. Sneddon

Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies
Michele Tine

Michele Tine

Associate Professor of Education
Benjamin A. Valentino

Benjamin A. Valentino

Associate Professor of Government; Coordinator, War and Peace Studies Program, Dickey Center for International Understanding
Jonathan Zinman

Jonathan Zinman

Professor of Economics
The John Sloan Dickey Center