Student Organizations in Development

International Development Forum

The International Development Forum was founded in 2011. Like many others on campus, we were interested in international development, but could not find a venue to discuss the topic outside of classroom setting. We decided to create a group where people of all knowledge levels could assemble and discuss the issue of development.

IDF is dedicated to raising awareness of international development across campus. We organize discussions and events throughout the term as well as attend an offsite conference once or twice a year such as the Social Enterprise Conference and the International Development Forum at Harvard. IDF invites speakers related to development to host a public lecture or small group discussion over dinner. Past speakers include development economics professors, a World Bank consultant, and students who have experience working on the ground in international development. Members also watch a development documentary each term to dive deeper in a particular cause.

IDF hopes to expand its presence on campus by working with other groups related to global health and business development. The organization puts a higher emphasis on outreach in order to raise awareness about the many opportunities to learn about development on campus. IDF also strives to build a network of international development peer mentors as an additional resource for undergraduates interested in traveling abroad.

Membership is open to all Dartmouth students. Find out more about us on our ORGSYNC or email the .International Business Council

International Business Council

The International Business Council (IBC) is a student-run organization dedicated to providing the Dartmouth campus with opportunities to learn about international business and global trade through a variety of programs including lectures, panels, and field trips.

Membership is open to all Dartmouth students. Find out more about us on our ORGSYNC or email the International Business Council.

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