About our Programming

Throughout the year, the Dickey Center hosts conferences, workshops, and special initiatives that bring nationally and internationally-recognized experts and programs to Dartmouth. These programs provide insight into specific topical areas and enable the larger campus community to experience, first-hand, a wide range of current issues and the challenges associated with them. 

The Dickey Center has sponsored, or co-sponsored, workshops focused on early warnings to help prevent genocide (with the Holocaust Museum and Neukom Institute); the Arctic (with the Carnegie Endowment); Israeli entrepreneurship and others. 

Mandela Washington Fellowship Alumni Enrichment Institute 

Along with other campus partners, the Dickey Center will be hosting 25 Mandela Washington fellowship alumni from 18 African countries this summer. The two-week Alumni Enrichment Institutes will leverage experiential and discussion-based learning to provide Participants with broadly applicable knowledge about U.S. culture and society and immerse them in a U.S. community through community service, cultural exchange, strategic networking, and site visits. To learn more about the fellowship and to meet the particpants, click the above link.

Science and Diplomacy in the Arctic

A new generation of young Arctic leaders from the U.S. and Canada took part in a 5-day workshop on science diplomacy that included professional skills development and a Model Arctic Council. 

Global Health Summit

The 2017 Leila and Melville Straus 1960 Family Symposium brought together thought leaders, faculty, and students to discuss the future of global health in an era of de-globalization.