In Memory of an Indomitable Spirit: Sandy McCulloch '50

Sandy McCulloch and Dickey Directors

Sandy McCulloch '50 with past Directors of the Dickey Center: Ken Yalowitz, Michael Mastanduno, Sandy McCulloch, Daniel Benjamin, and Martin Sherwin.


Sandy McCulloch with Dean Brewster and President Dickey in 1977. (Courtesy of Dartmouth Library)

On Sunday, July 26th, Dartmouth and the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding lost one of its greatest champions, Norman E. "Sandy" McCulloch, Jr. '50. Sandy was instrumental in the founding of the Dickey Center and served as the Chair of its Board of Visitors for more than 30 years following its founding in 1982. During that timeframe, he also served on Dartmouth's Board of Trustees, including as Chair from 1986 to 1988. The Dartmouth flag was lowered to half-mast Tuesday, July 28th, and Wednesday, July 29th, to honor him. 

Sandy's enduring legacy and indomitable spirit will shine on in the mission and programs of the Dickey Center to which he gave so much. A note from Interim Director of the Dickey Center Christianne Hardy follows. Please also see Sandy McCulloch's obituary and the Dartmouth Alumni Association's tribute.

The John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding would not be, were it not for Sandy. During long talks, the two sons of Dartmouth often spoke of how Dickey’s long tenure at Dartmouth ought to be remembered. Having established both the Tucker Foundation and the Hopkins Center for the Arts during his presidency, John Sloan Dickey had a notion that he wanted his legacy to be dynamic and enduring, akin to the ways he honored William Jewett Tucker and Ernest Hopkins. In these talks, often in the great outdoors of the Hanover Plain or in Canada where Sandy had a camp and Dickey’s wife hailed from, the two formed the idea of a center dedicated to international understanding. John Sloan Dickey did not survive to see these imaginings come to fruition, but Sandy McCulloch was tireless in his pursuit to honor his friend and former president. 
As chair of the Will to Excel capital campaign, Sandy worked tirelessly to secure the resources necessary to the founding of the Center. He gave generously to the Center, both personally and through the Class of 1950. He endowed the Directorship of the Center, supported the Institute of Arctic Studies, worked through his class to establish the Class of 1950 Senior Foreign Affairs Fellowship, and in just the last year gave generously to the Center to support US-Canada programming. To the end, he honored Dickey’s own interests, as US-Canadian relations was a special focus of Dickey’s. Sandy served as the inaugural chair of the Dickey Center Board of Visitors, devoting more than 30 years actively to the Center and never staying long out of touch thereafter.
His influence cannot be overstated, and his presence sorely missed. 

Christianne C. Hardy
Interim Director
The John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding
Dartmouth College

The John Sloan Dickey Center