Russo Gallery

The Russo Gallery on the first floor of the Haldeman Center is affiliated with the Dickey Center for International Understanding, the Ethics Institute, and the Humanities Center at Dartmouth. It provides an intimate setting for campus, community and visiting artists to share their observations of the world.

Navesh Chitrakar

From the exhibit "Capturing a Legacy: Four Generations of Nepalese Photographers," a Hindu holy man in the middle of the Gai Jatra festival. Photo by Navesh Chitrakar.

KC Cheng

A photographic exhibit, "This Year is not Last Year's Brother," by Kang-Chun Cheng '17, was displayed in the Russo Gallery in the summer of 2019. 

Darham_First Flakes

"First Flakes: Blue Bison and Calf," from Nan Darham's "Yellowstone Exhibit" in the Russo Gallery from January 9 - February 9, 2019. 

Everton_Polar and Subpolar

One of the panoramic photos from Macduff Everton's 2018 Fall term exhibit, "Polar and Subpolar, Antarctica, Svalbard, South Georgia, and Falklands Panoramic Images." 

Ilona Mettiäinen_Nanoq

Ilona Mettiäinen of the University of Finland and formerly an Institute of Arctic Studies Fellow, discusses her photo exhibit "Nanoq - Imag(in)ing Climate Change" in Fall 2017.

Previous exhibits have included photos of Alaska, Greenland, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Tanzania, Rwanda and elsewhere, and artwork on topics such as Chilean women in prison, climate change, and Columbian displacement. See Dickey's Flickr albums for more examples of past exhibits.

If you are interested in exhibiting during the following terms, fill out the online application. Please submit digital samples of your work to

  • Fall 2019
    • September 9 - November 1, "Capturing a Legacy: Four Generations of Nepalese Photographers." Curated by Cristeena Chitrakar. An opening reception will be held October 3rd at 5:00pm in the Russo Gallery, Haldeman Center. Navesh Chitrakar will speak at the reception and discuss his work. Photographers James Nachtwey and Kevin Bubriski also will remark on the exhibit.
  • Summer 2019
    • May 23 - September 3, Kang-Chun Cheng '17, "This Year is not Last Year's Brother: Photographs of the Reindeer Herders of Lapland, Finland and Varanger, Norway."
  • Spring 2019
    • March 25 - May 22, Ruan Rodrigues '21, "Photos from Jamkhed, India."
  • Winter 2019
    • January 9 - March 9, Nan Darham, "Yellowstone Exhibition at the Russo Gallery." Nan Darham is a graduate student from Bozeman, Montana in the Masters of Liberal Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) program. Her artwork and stories chronicle the culture, landscape, wildlife and characters that populate her life in the West.
    • March 9 - March 13, Professor Lauren Culler's "Arctic Environmental Change" class poster exhibit (poster session on March 9th).
  • Fall 2018
    • September 12 - December 31, Macduff Everton, "Polar and Subpolar, Antarctica, Svalbard, South Georgia, and Falklands Panoramic Images." Macduff Everton is a contributing editor at National Georgraphic Traveler and has been a photo contributor to numerous magazines, including Condé Nast Traveler, Gourmet, Life, and more.
  • Spring 2018
    • March 26 - April 15, Elizabeth Mastrio '20, "Photos from the Dartmouth-Greenland Exchange." Liz spent Fall 2017 in Nuuk, Greenland, as a student at the University of Greenland (Ilisimatusarfik). 
    • April 16 - May 30, Jeff Kerby, Dickey Center Arctic Fellow and Neukom Post-doctoral Fellow, photos from his research with drones. 
    • May 30 - June 10, Poster Session by students in ENVS 80.01, Arctic Environmental Change, taught by Professor Lauren Culler
  • Winter 2018
  • Fall 2017
    • August 31 - October 15, Ilona Mettiainen, Arctic Centre, University of Lapland, "Nanoq: Imag(in)ing climate change"
    • October 16 - December 1, Viktor Witkowski of Dartmouth's Studio Art Department and local photographer Becky Field’s, “Faces of Immigration: Here and Abroad”
  • Spring 2017
    • March 27 - May 1, Aaron Lit '19, "Watercolor."
    • May 2 - End of Spring Term, Feyaad Allie '16, "Scenes from Nairobi."
  • Winter 2017 


The Russo Gallery is the generous gift of Georgina Tugwell Russo '77 and Thomas Adrian Russo '77.  

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