Where in the World?

world map

Click here for the interactive Flickr map to see "Where in the World" our Dickey Center interns and fellows have been in the past year. 


Dartmouth students who have received grants from the Dickey Center are able to travel the globe to participate in a wide range of internships and fellowships. Undergraduate and graduate students can participate in partnered internships, which the Dickey Center has arranged, or craft their own international experience.

Check out our Funding Opportunities for more information and the specifics on how to apply. You could end up in Belize working on sustainable agriculture; in Rwanda working on health policy; in Greenland working on climate change; in Kosovo's Ministry of Foreign Affairs; or any other of the dozens of countries to which Dickey Center interns travel. Click on the map above to see some of the internships Dickey students have participated in all over the world in the past couple of years.

The John Sloan Dickey Center