US JASE Participants

The Joint Antarctic School Expedition (JASE) is a program co-sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the Chilean Antarctic Institute, a major research base supported by the government of Chile. They have generously invited U.S. high school students to join a team of high school students from Chile for a week of hands-on learning at Escudero Station on King George Island, Antarctica.

The following U.S. students have participated in JASE:

JASE 2016-17:  December 2016

  • Audrey Reyes, Queens, NY
  • Lucia Hruby, Austin, TX

I love seeking out adventure and I can't wait to explore Antarctica I am also excited to meet a lot of new friends during my trip. I was born and raised in Texas, so as you can imagine, I am a little worried about the cold weather. I really like chickens! My obsession developed in my sixth grade science class, when we hatched a dozen eggs. I was lucky enough to bring home a chick and soon after, I convinced my family to buy six more chickens. My sisters and I fell in love with our chickens and enjoyed walking them around the neighborhood and collecting their eggs. A few years later, we began to receive complaints from my neighbor about all the noise that they made and had to give them away.

  • Cristopher Alvarado, Charlotte, NC
  • Annika Salmi, San Francisco, CA

JASE 2015-16:  January 2016

  • Daniela Montes Flores, San Diego, CA
  • Alex Kleinman, Croton-on-Hudson, NY
  • Madeline Moore, Boulder, CO
  • Andrea Mares, Sterling, VA