Dickey Center Staff Contact Information

For the next few weeks, the majority of the Dickey Center's staff will work remotely in an effort to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus. That said, all staff members will regularly check email and phone communications and are able to assist with any questions you may have. Below, you will find a quick reference guide of contact information (office phone and email addresses) for our staff members. Please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Daniel Benjamin, Director
Phone: 603.646.2023 
Email: daniel.benjamin@dartmouth.edu

Melody Brown Burkins, Associate Director for Programs and Research
Phone: 603.646.2053 
Email: melody.b.burkins@dartmouth.edu

Tom Candon, Associate Managing Director
Phone: 603.646.4079
Email: thomas.k.candon@dartmouth.edu

Casey Aldrich, Program Manager, Global Studies
Phone: 603.646.8683
Email: casey.j.aldrich@dartmouth.edu

Kenneth Bauer, Program Manager, War & Peace Studies and Human Development Initiatives
Phone: 603.646.9209
Email: kenneth.m.bauer@dartmouth.edu

Victoria Hicks, Assistant to the Director
Phone: 603.646.2024
Email: victoria.r.hicks@dartmouth.edu

Judith van Rhijn Jackson, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 603.646.0234
Email: judith.van.rhijn.jackson@dartmouth.edu

Peter Jenkinson, Program Coordinator, Global Studies
Phone: 603.646.1689
Email: peter.w.jenkinson@dartmouth.edu

Amy Newcomb, Senior Program Officer
Phone: 603.646.1040
Email: amy.m.newcomb@dartmouth.edu

Anne Sosin, Global Health Initiative Director
Phone: 603.646.0437
Email: anne.n.sosin@dartmouth.edu

Sharon Tribou-St. Martin, Events and Communications Manager
Phone: 603.646.9753
Email: sharon.m.tribou-st.martin@dartmouth.edu