Abdul Kinyenya

  • 2016 Dartmouth Mandela Washington Fellow

  • Founder of Batalo East

  • Uganda

Abdul Kinyenya is an educator, choreographer, and entrepreneur with over 10 years’ experience managing dance and arts businesses. He is the founder of Batalo East, a nonprofit organization, which develops well-rounded youngsters through traditional-urban dance education, festivals, workshops, theater, and social entrepreneurship. He developed the Urban Market, an offshoot of Batalo East, which markets recycled and redesigned clothing to support sustainable programming. He is the artistic director of Tabu Flo Dance Company, which won the young achievers award in 2011. In addition, Abdul works as a grant advisor for the Pollination Project, a seed fund organization. Abdul holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business. He is a part-time enrichment program teacher at Ambrosoli and Gems Cambridge International School, and a committee member of the annual Laba Arts Festival. His goal is to set up accessible community arts centers with relevant arts education and linkage between grassroots, professional and government institutes.