Abiodoun "Abey" Koutchika

  • 2015 Dartmouth Mandela Washington Fellow

  • Founder, Heavy Company SARL

  • Benin

Abiodoun "Abey" Koutchika has more than six years’ experience as a corporate business manager and socially committed entrepreneur. Self-educated in business management, he discovered his passion for entrepreneurship at the age of twelve. After his Master’s degree in Training Engineering and Adult Education, he worked for about three years in a management and marketing firm as a junior consultant and assistant director of development, before he established his current company in June 2010. His company, Heavy Company SARL (www.heavycompany.net) produces uniforms for companies and armed forces in Benin and Togo (and soon in Burkina-Faso and Ghana) and also supplies safety equipment. In 2011, he created Aptitude Internationale, an NGO to promote an entrepreneurial mindset among teenagers. After the Fellowship, he will continue to share and apply discovered solutions that can enable SMEs in Africa to prosper and take advantage of the economic growth of the continent.