Adebayo Adegbembo

  • 2017 Dartmouth Mandela Washington Fellow

  • Nigeria

Adebayo Adegbembo has over five years of experience in the technology sector with an emphasis on helping children learn native languages and customs through digital games and storytelling. Presently, Adebayo is the Lead Programmer at Genii Games Limited where he manages the development of interactive storybooks and games for Android and iOS. Originally trained as an Engineering Surveyor at the University of Lagos, Nigeria, Adebayo founded Genii Games to provide computer programming, writing, and teaching to youth. Adebayo’s vision is to promote a greater sense of self-identity and awareness in African children by showcasing Africa’s beautiful heritage in fun and creative ways. Following the completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Adebayo plans to explore new and existing networks towards developing and distributing content about Africa’s diverse cultures.