Amy Shelver

  • 2014 Dartmouth YALI Fellow

  • PR and Communications Consultant, Meropa Communications, Nelson Mandela Bay

  • South Africa

Amy Shelver is a multi-media and socio-economic development specialist active in the areas of media, development, arts, and culture. She is a Public Relations (PR) and Communications consultant heading Meropa Communications’ Nelson Mandela Bay office, a national PR company. She has been active in motivating youth to take ownership of city spaces. Her academic research is focused on creative economy; maximizing less tangible capitals and ensuring community and city development emerges through public participation-activation. She is the co-founder of the n_mb city project/ Numb City Productions, a youth social entrepreneurship initiative. Amy has a master’s in Development studies and degrees in TV Journalism, Anthropology and Psychology. She is also an aspiring writer and filmmaker. Upon completing the Washington Fellowship, Amy plans to continue exploring opportunities for creative and competitive city development, to generate historical films exploring pre-Apartheid South African history, and possibly enter the diplomatic corp.