Andrew Kingsley

YALI Curriculum Student Assistant

Andrew Kingsley is a junior from Boston, Massachusetts. He is an English major at Dartmouth, with a minor in Film Studies. He is a teacher’s assistant for Dartmouth’s Design Thinking engineering course, and is passionate about finding creative and innovative solutions to human-centered issues. He spent his sophomore winter in Ghana, teaching elementary and middle school students in science, math and English, while working with local educators to improve their pedagogical techniques. He hopes to enroll in film school after graduation, and inspired by his education work in Ghana, plans to teach film at the university level. On campus, Andrew participates in the improvisational comedy group Casual Thursday, acts as captain for the Club Table Tennis and Club B Tennis teams, and serves as the film critic for The Dartmouth newspaper. In his free time, Andrew loves to build crosswords for the New York Times, read, watch old movies, go hiking in New Hampshire, and travel across the country. 


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