Andrew "Ludigo" Ludigo

  • 2015 Dartmouth Mandela Washington Fellow

  • Creative Director, Ludigocreations

  • Uganda

Andrew Salema Ludigo has over five years’ experience running his own company and volunteering with various non-governmental organizations in Uganda and Tanzania. He is the creative director of Ludigocreations where he is in charge of planning new projects, building branding campaigns, developing concepts for new product lines, and establishing relationships with partner agencies and organizations. He is a painter, printmaker, storyteller, curator, actor, writer and peer educator, and a committee member of the annual LABA Festival - the biggest art event in Uganda which takes place on the streets of Kampala. He has exhibited his work in Uganda, Australia, and Hong Kong (where he has also been an artist in residence). Upon completion of the Fellowship, he plans to build his company further with an emphasis on building capacity to stir more employment opportunities for young people and to establish international partnerships and advocate more for children (especially the homeless).