Bruce Ernest

  • 2014 Dartmouth YALI Fellow

  • Founder and CEO, Six Sigma Sustainability Consulting Limited

  • Zambia

Bruce Ernest is a business sustainability expert trained in green energy and sustainable business who specializes in the creation of sustainable businesses and systems in productive sectors. He has provided trainings in topics including strategy, sustainability, entrepreneurship skills, renewable energy, planning, budgeting, critical thinking and strategic planning for over 10 years and has helped the establishment of small and medium start-ups in southern Africa. Currently, Bruce is the Founder and CEO of Six Sigma Sustainability Consulting Limited, a firm involved in sustainable business and investments in Africa. He volunteers at the Zambia Wildlife and Environmental Conservation Society where he participates in teaching youth and minors the importance of conserving nature and wildlife. Upon completion of the Washington Fellowship, Bruce intends to create a social sustainable entrepreneurship venture that will help reduce poverty in communities in the eastern province of Zambia.


  • B.A. University of Zambia
  • M.B.A. University of Bologna