Elhadj Bah

  • 2017 Dartmouth Mandela Washington Fellow

  • Guinea

An engineer in computer science, Elhadj Bah is co-founder and CEO of Suite, a startup specializing in software and mobile application development, whose aim is to put technological innovation within everyone’s reach. Prior to creating Suite, Elhadj worked with a technology business incubator, where he helped reach and train more than 1,000 young entrepreneurs. In 2016, while working with the software company Neticoa, he developed Jambar Fight, an "edutainment" combat video game that promotes African culture through its historical warriors, traditional music, and beautiful landscapes. Elhadj is currently working with his team on the development of Tetema, a collaborative skill-sharing platform that connects people in need of skills or expertise with local talents. Tetema’s aim is to increase access to skills, stimulate creativity, and promote and encourage the creation of local content. Elhadj also teaches university classes in coding and trains small companies in digital literacy. His lifetime mission is to democratize access to education and knowledge across the continent through digital technologies. Upon completion of the Fellowship, Elhadj will continue carrying out this lifetime mission, focusing particularly on business and entrepreneurship development through ICTs.