Evans Owusu Amankwah

  • 2015 Dartmouth Mandela Washington Fellow

  • Cambridge English Teacher and Oxford Teacher’s Club Member

  • Founder, Midstream Literary Agency

  • Ghana

Evans Owusu Amankwah has five years’ professional experience in the teaching profession as a Cambridge English Teacher and Oxford Teacher’s Club member. Evans founded the Midstream Literary Agency and has been promoting professional English language teaching and learning across Ghana. With a Bachelor of Arts in English and Political Science (with emphasis in English) and 24 CPD certifications from Cambridge and Oxford in ELT, he created the Community Literacy Achievement Program which is a CSR project offering 500 extremely weak students in his community out-of-class interventional sessions. Upon returning from the Mandela Washington Fellowship, his business will be publishing an English Professional’s Journal for the first time in Ghana that will augment professional ELT efforts in the country. He will also be creating an English Teachers’ Development Centre and Students’ Language Activity Centre all in line with his vision for expanding the business.