Jamila Mayanja

  • 2015 Dartmouth Mandela Washington Fellow

  • CEO, Smart Girls Uganda

  • Uganda

Jamila Mayanja has 6 years’ experience as a professional marketer. She is the CEO of Smart Girls Uganda, a company that empowers young girls and women through trainings to build their self-esteem.Through Smart Girls she started a franchise company called J Mobile Laundry Services that has contributed to curbing unemployment among the youth in the Kampala suburbs, where she works as the team leader. The company moves door-to-door providing domestic laundry services. Through J Mobile Laundry Services Ltd. she employs youth with a plan to give them simple work while training them in entrepreneurship and employability skills with an aim to keeping them employed or saving their salary so that they can start their own enterprises to employ more youth. After the YALI program, Jamila will continue her work of empowering young women and will strive to have more than 1000 youth working in (or owning) enterprises each year.