Khulekani Msweli

  • 2014 Dartmouth YALI Fellow

  • Co-Director and Owner, JEREMPAUL Investments

  • Swaziland

Khulekani Msweli has four years of experience as a fashion interior decor designer and artist. He is the co-director and owner of a multiple award winning design company, JEREMPAUL Investments. He is also co-owner and director of Edladleni Restaurant, Swaziland's premier traditional haute cuisine restaurant. Khulekani gained his higher education in Fashion Design and Art from Southport College and Manchester Metropolitan University in England. Due to the lack of design knowledge and business skills amongst most craft artisans in Swaziland, Khulekani plans to establish a design hub in Lobamba Swaziland after completing the Washington Fellowship. The design hub will provide design business training and reference materials for Swazis that are already practicing craft artisans, allowing them to create products that are more competitive and relevant within the global market.