Lebogang Luvuno

  • 2016 Dartmouth Mandela Washington Fellow

  • Senior Consultant, Motopi Consulting

  • South Africa

Lebogang Luvuno started her own consulting company, Motopi Consulting, in 2011, after several years of working for well-known multinationals in the fields of marketing and corporate social investment. Through Motopi Consulting, she is able to work with her clients to make a difference in the lives of many previously disadvantaged South Africans by developing and implementing corporate social investment and transformation (Black Economic Empowerment) projects.   In her personal capacity, Lebogang has been involved in several projects that seek to support those who do not have access to resources, particularly the youth – including starting an NGO in 2007. She is planning to use the knowledge and connections gained from the Mandela Washington Fellowship to scale up her existing consulting business and expand it into the rest of Africa, particularly sub-Saharan Africa, in order to increase impact and create more job opportunities.