Lindsay Putnam

  • Teambuilding Director, Dartmouth College Outdoor Programs Office

  • Environmental Education Program Director, Marion Cross Elementary School

Lindsay Putnam has worked for Dartmouth College, and as a consultant to private organizations as a team building facilitator and instructor since 1988. She has worked with a wide variety of groups to help them develop insights into more effective team communication and collaboration, as well as helping individuals experience a sense of personal empowerment in their lives and work. Lindsay’s other work love is being with young children in the outdoors. She is the director of the environmental education program at the Norwich elementary school. Lindsay has worked in the Adirondacks, VT, NH, and Russia. She has climbed in the Andes of Peru and Ecuador, had many adventures in the mountains of the Northeast U.S., and paddled many wild rivers in Canada and the U.S. with her wonderful family.


HB 6142


  • B.A. Middlebury College
  • M.A.L.S. Dartmouth College