Lydia Munika

  • 2014 Dartmouth YALI Fellow

  • President of Kakamega County Youth Bunge Forum

  • Kenya

Lydia Munikah is an entrepreneur and youth leader who works to harness the energy, talent, and potential of youth in a positive direction through activities and trainings. She is the first and only female President of Kakamega County Youth Bunge Forum with 12 constituencies, over 1200 youth Bunges, and an average of 25 members per group. She is also the Assistant Secretary of the National Youth Bunge Association. Lydia has a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Business studies from Kenyatta University. She is a certified trainer of entrepreneurs by the International Labor Organization (ILO). After completing the Washington Fellowship, Lydia plans to establish constituency entrepreneurship centers that will offer both enterprise and youth leadership training.