Mandela Mwanza

  • 2016 Dartmouth Mandela Washington Fellow

  • Founder, Soul Rebel Entertainment Ltd

  • Malawi

Mandela Mwanza has over 10 years of experience in the entertainment industry and performing arts in particular. Currently, Mandela is the founder of Soul Rebel Entertainment Ltd, which he has used to create employment for a few youths who are passionate about the creative economy. He also disseminates social awareness messages among the Malawian youth using sports, music, and drama. Mandela also is responsible for managing the Rediyo Music App, the first mobile app of its kind in his country, which allows users to download and stream music. Although a college dropout, Mandela is also an author and youth activist who uses an artistic approach to youth empowerment. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Mandela plans to use his experience, networks, and resources to create even more jobs for social entrepreneurs and to increase the outreach of his company’s social-awareness campaigns to bring about behavioral change among the youth.