Moussa Kondo

  • 2015 Dartmouth Mandela Washington Fellow

  • Founder, L’Express de Bamako

  • President of NPO, Giving Back Mali

  • Mali

Kondo Moussa is a former basketball player, now journalist, with over 10 years’ experience in various community development activities, particularly education and sport programs for young people. Founder of the weekly printed newspaper, L’Express de Bamako, and president of the NPO Giving Back Mali, he helps with sustainable development through the education of young people in leadership, promotes a high level of sport practice (particularly in basketball), and runs internship programs on journalism. Some of the youth in his program have obtained scholarships in the USA, Spain, and Japan to study in prestigious schools and improve their sports skills. With his Master’s degree from The University of Bamako and his basketball experience, after the completion of the Fellowship he plans to work with professionals, leaders, athletes, and intellectuals so that they can impact the future in the development process in their respective communities, giving back what they received through his program.