Praise Magama

  • 2015 Dartmouth Mandela Washington Fellow

  • Founder, TaSimba Films

  • Zimbabwe

Praise Tapiwa Magama has over four years’ experience in the business and entrepreneurship sector, majoring in film production. Trained as a doctor, he's a self-taught film producer and concept developer and currently works for TaSimba Films, a company he started three years ago. His films are aimed at courageously addressing social and environmental issues in Zimbabwe and his devotion extends to advocacy, research, and skills training for Bulawayo youths living or affected with HIV/AIDS. Using his online film platform, Uhuru.Zw, he has won fellowships and created employment for filmmakers in Bulawayo and across Zimbabwe. Praise holds a Bachelor’s degree in Surgery and Medicine and is a resident fellow-in-training with the College of Surgeons of South Africa, based at Mpilo Central Hospital. Upon completion of the Mandela Washington Fellowship, Praise plans to create an economic youth hub to train youths, especially those affected by HIV/AIDS, in business and entrepreneurial skills.