Rabiatou Harouna Moussa

  • 2016 Dartmouth Mandela Washington Fellow

  • Software Engineer, Orange Niger

  • Niger

Rabiatou Harouna Moussa is a software engineer and young entrepreneur. In November 2014 she returned to her beloved homeland, Niger, in order to apply her skills to the greater good. Currently, she is the project manager of SAADUWA, a social network-based on SMS to help combat corruption and promote good governance. She is also a billing and mediation engineer at Orange Niger and she developed a monitoring site for Niger’s 2016 elections.   Passionate about technology and business since childhood, Rabiatou is launching data management and business intelligence startup and intends to carry out many projects that put technology at the service of development. This opinionated and determined woman is very willing to take on new challenges. She strives to be the change she wants to see in Niger.