Rachel Gyabaah

  • 2018 Dartmouth Mandela Washington Fellow

  • Ghana

Rachel Gyabaah is a development practitioner with over seven years’ experience in development and the private sector, focused on promoting improved service delivery and sustainability for small and medium-sized enterprises. Rachel is currently a program officer at SEND Ghana, where she is responsible for policy research and advocacy, focusing on health, education, agriculture, governance, and gender equality. She is also the founder of Kleesam Edibles and Salvage by Kleesam. These small businesses encourage healthy lifestyles and promote a green environment by up-cycling trash into aesthetic and functional household items. Rachel holds a Master of Arts in Globalization and Development from the University of Sussex’s Institute of Development Studies in the United Kingdom, where she focused on the role that businesses and policies play as development actors. Rachel is passionate about improving the lives of the poor, vulnerable, and marginalized in society, fighting against climate change, and promoting healthy living in Ghana and beyond its boundaries. Upon completion of the Fellowship, Rachel hopes to influence policy changes to improve the lives of the most vulnerable. She also hopes to create job opportunities by collaborating and networking with like-minded fellows to provide training for citizens on waste disposal techniques.