Silke Zoller

U.S. Foreign Policy and International Security Fellow

Silke Zoller earned a Ph.D. in History from Temple University in 2018. She is working on a book manuscript about how Western officials generated international agreements that criminalized terrorism and erased terrorists’ claims to be national liberation fighters in the 1970s. Her research focuses on the mechanisms in international law which provided Western states with the capability to label non-state actors as terrorists. Based on multi-lingual archival research in the United States and Europe, her work has been supported by the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations, the Gerald Ford Presidential Foundation, and other organizations. Silke previously held the Thomas J. Davis Fellowship in Diplomacy and Foreign Relations at the Center for the Study of Force and Diplomacy. She received an M.A. in Early Modern and Modern History from Tübingen University in Germany.

Curriculum Vitae
351 Haldeman
HB 6048
B.A. University of Tübingen (Germany)
M.A. University of Tübingen (Germany)
Ph.D. Temple University
The John Sloan Dickey Center